Karaoke in Bankstown

Don’t leave your entertainment to chance, leave the party to us – We got it handled. Located in the heart of bankstown, NXT can give you the experience you can only dream of. Complete with a Bar, Noodle kiosk and fantastic VIP rooms, you have more than enough space to sing your heart out.


Here we like to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for customers but for us to do that we must ensure that our customers are all accounted for and we personally are seeing greet every customer gets allocated a room. For your enjoyment we like to give you some privacy we do not enter your room that’s been allocated to you for any other reason but to make sure everything is okay and to bring drinks to you.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you and your friends have fine at our karaoke venue


bring something to keep you warm you might be in shock that the character places quite warm but once you leave a venue after the night will be quite cold because once you look at doors we cannot let you back in will be surprised about the amount of people that will try and come back in because it is called outside.


make sure you have a ride home from our venue there will be a lot of people leaving our venue and it can be quite easy to lose track of your group or your friends. Make sure that you are safe make sure that you have everything because even if you have lost your phone number new even if you have lost your wallet in our venue not allowed to let you back in.


we offer a limited selection of food items at our venue sold is important that you eat and come back with your group before closing time to lecture things. It is important that if you are going to smoke you smoke outside if you are caught smoking the rooms we’re not allowed to keep you and we must ask you to leave this does include the bathrooms.


we don’t mind you being loud we don’t mind giving rowdy we don’t even mind you hugging and kissing your friends but what we do mind is how you interact with our staff members did not treat our staff members like friends but please be polite and courteous if you touch us staff members we must ask you to leave is very important that you contact is limited to handshakes.


thanks town is home to a lease 34,000 people that’s quite a white for a medium-size suburb which is why we have decided to open a venue here. We believe that our venue located at 313 Chapel Road bankstown postcode to 2200 will be the addition that banks town needs to become the icon it surely deserves.